Susan Kersch-Kibler wrote Successful Surrogacy

Susan Kersch-Kibler wrote Successful Surrogacy--Your Guide to Realizing Your Dreams of Parenthood Through Ukrainian Surrogacy. The book is for couples and professionals.

"Surrogacy is when a woman cannot carry a child," she explained. "It's like extreme babysitting. The child is yours from inception, and your name is on the birth certificate."

The process in Ukraine is highly regulated, she explained. They have the same medical equipment and the process is very similar to that in the United States--but much cheaper.

"It's the difference in the economics of surrogacy," Susan said. "Some countries have no regulation at all." She has some 25 years experience, and she was off to the London Fertility Show when we spoke.

Susan will be meeting the public at the Califon Book Shop, 72 Main St., this Saturday, Nov. 10, 1 to 3 p.m. Her operation is Delivering Dreams Through International Surrogacy, based in New Jersey and Ukraine. Find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and

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