Ukrainian Surrogacy Law Stable and No Changes In Sight

There was recently a scandal at one of the largest surrogacy facilities in Ukraine (BioTexCom) where company officials were arrested, and the facility was closed for investigation with charges for child trafficking and money laundering. Scandals get a lot of press and you can Google it easily to see articles and interviews.

In the wake of this event. Several laws were proposed to close Ukrainian surrogacy to international couples. These proposals have not gotten any traction and are the work of a tiny loud minority. They also have been getting press coverage.

In light of this press, you might be worried about the potential for legal changes in the surrogacy law.

Since these laws are back by such a small minority and have not advanced anywhere, it is safe to say, Ukrainian surrogacy laws, which have been in place for over 20 years do not face any risk of changes.

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