Two Thirds of UK Patients Feel Ripped Off by IVF Clinics

Why? According to this report people are paying more than expected, sold “add-on” treatments that have no clear evidence of efficacy, alternative medicines and in addition, had a bad treatment experience.

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Enjoy the article By Laura Donnelly of the Telegraph

A report by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority said that worryingly, 62 per cent of people who paid for IVF paid “more than expected” for their treatment.

Their report also found rising numbers of couples with fertility are being sold “add-on” treatments despite no clear evidence that they boost the chance of a successful pregnancy. They are convinced to buy extras - costing up to £3,500 a time - such as “glue” or a painful “scratch” to help an embryo stick to the wall of the womb.

The watchdog’s report found other treatments being used included the use of alternative medicines, with one in four opting for acupuncture.

In the last two years, 74 per cent of patients paid for at least one add-on, a rise from 66 per cent two in the previous two years.

“Patients often feel pressure to opt for add-ons and many are understandably keen to explore every option to improve their chances of having a baby, but such treatments should only be offered where there is proof they work.”

It follows warnings from fertilty doctors and obstetricians that there is “currently no conclusive evidence that any of the add-ons offered in fertility treatment increase the chance of a pregnancy or live birth.”

Aileen Feeney, chief executive of patient charity Fertility Network, said: “We can see that a quarter of patients were not satisfied with their treatment experience; one in five patients say they did not receive any information about counselling; and over three-fifths of patients whose most recent treatment was at a private clinic say they paid more than they expected to. This shows more needs to be done to support and inform fertility patients who are often incredibly vulnerable when going through treatment.”

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