Importance of Skin to Skin Contact After Birth

Why do we at Delivering Dreams have the mother and father in the delivery room during a surrogacy birth in Ukraine? Why is the child given directly to their mother for skin-to-skin contact?

Benefits of skin-to-skin care during infancy may persist for years. A long-term study of babies who were in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) of an Israeli medical center after birth found that benefits persisted years later. After assessing the children at 10 years of age, the researchers found benefits for those who had skin-to-skin care, including better maternal attachment behavior, reduced maternal anxiety, enhanced child cognitive development, and mother-child reciprocity.

Having the baby in close skin-to-skin contact helps to ensure that the mother will learn her baby’s signals sooner, improving communication and boosting maternal confidence as well as helping babies develop a sense of trust and security. 

Babies who are held skin-to-skin are more stable, physiologically, than their peers who are placed in a warmer after birth. 
these babies experience less stress following birth as they begin to navigate the new world around them. 

Skin-to-skin care in the hours after birth can help stabilize your baby’s blood sugar levels. 

They also tend to have heart and breathing rates that are both more normal and more stable. 

Boost in maternal-child bonding. 

Studies show that babies who are held skin-to-skin contact, particularly by their mother, are apt to cry less than those separated from their mothers. 

Babies get exposed to their mother’s bacteria is through skin-to-skin contact after birth. Bacteria on the skin are different from bacteria found in a hospital isolette, so early exposure helps babies develop a range of healthy bacteria. 

They also demonstrate better neurobehavioral outcomes.

Given the short-term and long-term benefits, it’s not surprising that proponents of skin-to-skin care recommend the practice continue throughout the hospital stay and beyond.

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