Fredrik Eklund And the Surrogate for His Twins

The due date for the Million Dollar Listing New York agent's babies is only weeks away.

Fredrik Eklund just put the finishing touches on the nursery for his twins, and right in the nick of time, because his babies will be here before we know it. "It's weeks," the Million Dollar Listing New York agent recently told The Daily Dish about the impending arrival of his twins. "It's not months; it's weeks."

Fredrik and his husband Derek Kaplan are expecting twins via a surrogate, the couple announced in the Season 6 finale of MDLNY. And it appears that Fredrik and Derek have formed a close bond with the woman carrying their son and daughter, so much so that she's even living with the couple, the MDLNY agent recently shared with The Daily Dish. "So I see her stomach, I kiss her stomach, I touch, and I speak to them," Fredrik gushed in the video, above.
Fans haven't had the pleasure of meeting Fredrik and Derek's surrogate yet, but the MDLNYagent did share this positively glorious photo of himself with her bare baby bump on Instagram in September. Do you feel that? That right there is instant joy.

At least Fredrik and Derek have already worked out how they're going to divide up responsibilities with their babies. "I'm like a 3-year-old myself. Derek is the strict one who's gonna, obviously, give them structure," Fredrik explained. "I'm just gonna be a kid myself. I'm gonna have friends in them." 

We imagine there will be some high kicking lessons in the twins' futures, too. 

From Bravo article by LAURA ROSENFELD

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