Things you should never ask a woman dealing with infertility

5 ​things you should never ask a woman dealing with infertility

1. Sometimes despite the best intentions, we end up saying things that may sound hurtful. The situation becomes worse when we say such things to people who are already struggling emotionally.

Talking about emotional struggle, if you have a family member or a friend trying to get pregnant, your instinct will be to comfort her by telling her that things will be fine, while adding a few tips and tricks that you feel work.

While you may mean to comfort her, you will be surprised to know that this kind of advice may make your loved one feel even worse. Here is a list of 5 questions that you should never ask a woman suffering from infertility.

2. Have you tried taking this herb? Drinking this syrup? Wearing this kind of underwear? Tried missionary sex position?

Asking such questions is completely a waste because chances are that she has already tried them all.

3. Why don’t you go for adoption?

Though adoption is a wonderful way to build your family and provide a family to someone who is in dire need of it. But we need to understand, adoption is not a replacement for having biological children. Choosing this path is not easy for all.

4. You should gain or lose some weight.

Your friend needing to gain or lose weight is something that her doctor must already be guiding her on. Your intervention is not really required because it won’t even help.


5. You were not meant to be a parent.

Maybe you would think that you are making her strong by saying this, but believe us this is just cruel. Comments like these can make her feel even miserable.

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