Ukraine Steps Up as Global Fertility Decreases

Ukraine Surrogacy offers many benefits for future parents - especially legal protections.

By the Island Echo

As fertility slides closer to becoming a worldwide epidemic, a few countries are hoping to offer better options.

Population rates are falling in countries throughout the world. Countries like Iceland, Germany, Portugal and Poland are nearing a zero population growth. The US and Russia are also nearing the edge of zero. Throughout the world, fewer people are having children at the rates that once pushed economic growth.

Population rates affect more than just the menial concept of whether or not people are having kids. The population is what drives the economy, education, and workforces. Children are indeed the future. The future of creation and sustainability. Without population growth, towns shut down. Rural ecosystems begin to vanish. Workforces are harder to come by, making innovation less and less viable. In a society that doesn’t create new generations, they also struggle to create a future.

There are many theories behind what hinders current population growth. Couples are choosing to put of procreating as life expectancy soars. Careers and monetary comfort are placed ahead of familial need. But perhaps the most striking, and possibly frustrating, reason behind dwindling population rates is a struggle with something that we were all lead to believe was innate.

Fertility Rates Around the World are Dropping

Where in the 1960’s the average birth rate for a woman was near 5, it has plummeted to near two in recent years. Women are having fewer children. But not just that, more than 1 in 5 couples throughout the world struggle with fertility issues.

While there are advanced techniques and novel medical practices available in modern society- unfortunately, these procedures prove to underwhelmingly lacklustre for many couples across the globe. Reproductive technology success can be achieved, but the usefulness of procedures falls short for some. Which leaves many searching for better options, such as surrogacy.

Surrogacy is the process in which a couple who is unable to conceive and carry a child of their own selects a woman to bear their child for them. The practice is not expressly uncommon, it’s practised in dozens of countries across the world and has been in use for hundreds of years. But currently, finding surrogacy programs that are not only safe, but also accessible leaves many couples out of the loop.

Which is where Ukraine surrogacy is hoping to step in and fill necessary gaps. Since the early 2000s, Ukraine has offered surrogacy programs that are tailored to fit the needs of couples across the globe, hoping to extend a helping hand where other countries fall shockingly short. Many fertility clinics, like for example well-renowned ilaya, offer these kinds of programs, safely and with trustworthiness.

Why this little country in Eastern Europe hopes to snag the lion’s share of reproductive tourism is no secret. Following decades of a disastrously unstable economy, several wars, and frequent struggles with civil independence, the country needs reliable sources of income and an influx of people that are sympathetic to their existence.

Making Ukraine surrogacy programs part of the beating heart of their importation of business. As a need grows, the country happily steps up to meet it. Creating a win-win situation for its people as well as intended parents alike.

What Sets Ukraine Surrogacy Apart

Perhaps because of this drive to create stable infrastructure, Ukraine offers many unique protections regarding surrogacy. As it’s a business the country can’t afford to lose. Few countries offer surrogacy programs that benefit both intended parents and surrogates themselves. What makes Ukraine so unique in their quest to improve the options that are available to couples in need are varied.

Ukraine surrogacy programs not only offer effective and progressive medical practices, pushing the envelope in reproductive procedures like IVF (in vitro fertilization) and PGD (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis), but the country also offers favorable laws and protective practices for all involved.

Many countries that allow surrogacy have strict guidelines as to how it can happen and whether or not the surrogate mother can be compensated for her time and efforts. Some intended parents are uncomfortable with the idea of a surrogate being unpaid for the incredibly important position they hold. Commercial surrogacy, or a surrogacy arrangement in which the surrogate mother can gain wages for her efforts, is fully legalized in Ukraine.

Laws also favor the legal protections of intended parents. Stating that the lawful parents of a child are those to whom it is genetically related to. Meaning that intended parents don’t have to bother with lengthy court proceedings in order to gain custody of their own child. Which when compared to the processes observed by other countries, can save intended parents quite a bit of money and headache.

The Business of Fertility

Perhaps one of the greatest determining factors as to who has access to these absolutely necessary programs is the cost of the services themselves. For many people, surrogacy programs are cost prohibitive, which has lead some desperate couples to promote nefarious practice and exploitative agreements.

Surrogacy programs in Ukraine come at a cost far lower than many of the other options available to reproductive medicine consumers. Because of a lowered cost of living, coupled with the medical standard of the rest of Europe, Ukraine is poised to offer these services at a far lower price. Without sacrificing the health and quality of the treatments and those who undergo them.

Largely, the cost of fertility treatments and surrogacy programs are incredibly expensive. Few are covered by insurance, which is a slap in the face to many intended parents. As most legal surrogacy programs require that parents have a medically relevant reason for seeking surrogacy services in the first place, many people believe that insurance should cover all necessary reproductive medical costs.

Perhaps with the rising tide of infertility, insurers, medical professionals, and program availability will soon begin to reflect the number of couples forced to face these dire situations. But until then, there are still a few safe havens that intended parents can turn to when in need. With Ukraine surrogacy clamoring to be on the top.

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