Green Zone Countries: Enter Ukraine for Surrogacy and IVF as if there was no Conravirus

Yes! The process for visiting Ukraine for your surrogacy or IVF journey just became very simple and painless for “Green Zone” countries.

Position of country according to "Red zone" and "Green zone" shall be taken to account during customs clearance in Ukraine, not during departure of foreign national from his/her country.

In case of transit flight during your surrogate journey through the "Red Zone" country, the zone of country of departure will only be taken into account.

The citizens from countries with a high level of COVID-19 cases who have been in Green Zone countries over the past 14 days* are not required to undergo observation.

*An insurance policy should be issued by a company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company that has a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with an insurance company partner in Ukraine.

The policy must cover the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation and the entire duration of stay in Ukraine. This policy is must to have in order to make your surrogacy journey to Ukraine safe and sound.

We at Delivering Dreams will help you every step of this process to prevent delays and keep the cost of your surrogacy as affordable as possible.

Good News! Citizens of the “red zone” countries do not need to undergo self-isolation or observation if they arrive from the "green zone" countries and are able to confirm their stay in the “green zone” area within the last 14 days.

Please see below the list of countries that is updated every 24 hours

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