Surrogate Carries Quadruplets For Best Friend Struggling With Fertility

A woman acted as a surrogate and carried quadruplets for her best friend who wasn't able to get pregnant.

A woman and her best friend are sharing their incredible story of surrogacy and how one of them carried the other’s quadruplets following a hard-fought battle with fertility. Giving your best friend a gift not only shows them you appreciate them, but it makes them feel loved, and it makes you feel good, too. But one woman went far beyond one gift, and ended up giving her best friend the gift of four children.

Stacey Beehler and Debbie Vibber have been best friends for more than 20 years after meeting for the first time at Vibber’s wedding. Their husbands were friends first, and soon after that, the two started their own friendship. The two would talk about having a family and adding children into their life. Just a few years after the two met, Vibber and her husband had their first child in 1996. Beehler and her husband had been trying to have kids before that but struggled with conceiving. Vibber went on to have another child, a daughter, in 1999. After that, Vibber said she knew she was done having children.

Beehler shared with The Atlantic that she had suffered from 10 miscarriages before meeting Vibber. In 1997, Beehler suffered from a tough miscarriage and became depressed after the tragic loss. Vibber told Beehler she would carry their child for them, but Beehler wasn’t quite ready to talk about it until two to three years later. The women talked to their families for input and both sides were equally supportive of the surrogacy process. The first time they tried the process, it failed. So, they revisited it a second time, and that’s when Vibber became pregnant. While they knew multiples were a possibility, they didn’t think it would actually happen. An ultrasound scan revealed Vibber was actually pregnant with quadruplets.

Vibber was put on bed rest at one point during the pregnancy, and Beehler had to give her progesterone shots. The two would spend the day together and take care of each other while their husbands went to work. There was a terrifying incident during the pregnancy when they thought Vibber was going into pre-term labour, but it turned out that Vibber was anemic, and she had to have a blood transfusion. On the night of the delivery, Vibber’s water broke around midnight and everyone rushed to the hospital. The room was packed with nurses, and of course, Vibber, Beehler, and their husbands. Each baby had two nurses, and on top of that, a news station was there to film all of the births. Beehler says she received estrogen patches that allowed her to be able to produce milk. The time in the hospital was spent with both women pumping together.

Beehler says as their children got older, she and husband explained their birth story. Over the years, the women and their families have become very close, taking vacations together and spending holidays surrounded by each other, with the best gift there is – love.


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