When Are Payments Made?

In the US, and many countries, most often the entire sum of all payments are placed in escrow before the process begins. In Ukrainian surrogacy, payments are usually broken down into multiple steps. We break our fees down into five payments.
It is important to clearly understand the triggers for each payment and make sure they are distinct quantifiable events. They should never be vague, subjective or open to interpretation. I recommend that a significant part of the payment is made at the end of the pregnancy. This is usually the payment that goes directly to the surrogate.

How Are Payments Made?

Most of those involved in Ukrainian surrogacy expect payments to be made in cash in Ukraine. You are expected to bring thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in cash when you travel to Ukraine.
While you are allowed by law to take up to $10,000 per person into Ukraine, and Ukraine is a very safe country, carrying large amounts of money around any major city is just not advised. At the worst, you are a known target, at the best, it may make you a bit nervous and not allow you to fully enjoy your experience.

Some payments can be made by bank transfer. However, this is an expensive process. Most often your bank will charge a significant fee for their services. Most Ukrainian based clinics and agencies charge an additional 5% (or more) fee on the amount transferred. Significantly adding to your cost.

In addition, bank transfers to Ukraine, as to many, many countries today, need to be cleared to protect against money laundering and terrorist financing. If your bank is on top of this, it can take just a day, but you should plan on much more. I advise giving your bank at least three days’ notice. They will ask you to explain why you are transferring funds and other questions. Banks are very worried about things these days.

Bank transfers take a long time to “arrive” in Ukraine. However, you should plan on seven banking days. This means you need to stay on top of deadlines to make sure payments are made and receive in time.

Delivering Dreams is a US company, there are no additional fees for payments and no need to carry large amounts of cash with you to Ukraine.

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