Camille Guaty

Actress  CamilleGuaty Is Pregnant with Help from a Donor Egg After 5 Failed Rounds of IVF

Following a years-long struggle with infertility, the Prison Break and Good Doctor actress is expecting a baby boy this fall

After years of struggling with infertility Prison Break actress Camille Guaty is expecting a baby boy this fall with husband Sy Rhys Kaye.

“The day the nurse called to tell me I was pregnant, I burst out crying!” the 43-year-old TV star tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I made her say it to me four or five times. I feel so grateful now and can’t wait to meet our son.”

Guaty’s emotional journey to motherhood began nearly six years ago when she and her songwriter-producer husband began trying for a baby naturally when she was 37.

A year later, Guaty and Kaye, 39, visited their first in-vitro fertilization clinic, where the actress was told her ovarian reserve was “equivalent to that of a 50-year-old.”

“You never think this is going to be your story,” she says. “Women come up to me and say, ‘If you’re 43 and pregnant, I have plenty of time!’ I just want to say, ‘It didn’t happen the way you think it did.'”

The couple went through five failed rounds of IVF and also tried intrauterine insemination — which involves placing the sperm directly into the uterus — but were still unable to get pregnant.

From People Article by Melody Chiu

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