IVF is expensive

Infertility — Breaking down the cost and process of infertility treatments

INFERTILITY - When it comes to figuring out what infertility treatment is right for you, there are many options to research.

In our FOX43 Focal Point: Infertility, we’re breaking down the options and financial responsibility of some of the treatments that are available.

Doctor Issac Sasson is highly trained in reproductive medicine and invited FOX43 to see something very few ever get to: an up-close view of the IVF process at the Shady Grove Fertility Embryology Laboratory in Chesterbrook, Chester County.

Sasson says the IVF laboratory is about generating a controlled environment. "We are bringing sperm and egg together and sometimes injecting the sperm directly into the egg."

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is the most successful treatment you can do using your own eggs and sperm, or donor sperm. It costs roughly $13,000. It's one of the most expensive treatments and also most complicated.

IVF starts with stimulating the ovaries with pills and injectables for about 14 days. The process should produce more eggs.

The next step includes a trigger shot that will set ovulation in motion. This is followed by the egg retrieval and fertilization of the egg and sperm in a lab.

This process will create an embryo. The embryo’s develop at the Shady Grove lab for 5 full days in an incubator.

The incubator has four sections that are all under the watch of a camera for five days. Each normal embryo has a 65% chance of delivering.

Each surviving embryo is tested before being inseminated back into the woman.

The IVF process has a nearly 40% chance of success in women under 35. It’s the best chance of success in any current method.

From FOX43 Article by Lynda Weed

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