Ukrainian Surrogate Agency Aims to Make Surrogacy More Affordable and Minimize Risks

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine costs a fraction of the cost of surrogacy in the US and the legal protections for intended parents and their children coupled with excellent medical facilities make it an attractive option for traditional married couples that can’t medically carry a child. However, surrogacy is still a major expense. Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency based in both Ukraine and New Jersey, wants to make the dream of parenthood as financially accessible as possible to all intended parents and is taking proactive steps to do just this. They offer advantages that no one else does to protect couples from potential pitfalls, fully resolve their concerns and deliver a beautiful baby!

Guaranteed Capped Pricing: Intended parents need to know the full cost of the surrogacy process before they start. To protect from cost overruns and hidden fees, Delivering Dreams caps all standard pricing. The cost of your surrogate compensation, donor compensation or standard medical treatment throughout the process along with many other costs can’t increase. If the cost were to increase, Delivering Dreams pays for any overruns, not the intended parents.

Unlimited Programs: Delivering Dreams has created several surrogacy programs that included unlimited transfers until you have a child. They included surrogacy with donor oocytes and surrogacy using your own oocytes.

Low Initial Payment: Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency has restructured its payment schedule as well as the prices of its programs to better meet couples’ budgets and cash flow. “Traditionally, agencies have very large initial payments. This can be a major hurdle to starting the process” says Susan Kibler, founder of the agency. At Delivering Dreams, the first payment is only $2,500. With this payment their team helps prepare documents and provide guidance as well as feedback on the necessary tests conducted. If they are unable to get the documentation you need in order, and get you officially accepted to a surrogacy program in Ukraine, your entire payment is refunded.

Success Based Payment Payments: At Delivering Dreams, they believe it is important to align their payment schedule with the work stage and the success of your surrogacy program. Payments are spread out over 6 payments at major milestones. The second payment is not made until after you have chosen a fully screened surrogate and donor (if needed), the next payment is only made after a fetal heart rate is detected. Future payments correlate with other milestones: the first trimester, 30 weeks and right before the due date. “Spreading out the payments over 12-14 months and making them contingent on the success of the surrogacy process, gives added financial security and predictability to budget and plan.

Clear Exclusions: Delivering Dreams provides a simple list of exclusions to each program and if something is not listed, it is always included. No hidden extras.

Unique Risk Minimizing Solutions by Delivering Dreams

In any surrogacy journey, especially one abroad, you must be aware of all the potential risks before you start. One of the greatest challenges is that couples often don't know all the pitfalls.

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency has been creating families in Ukraine since 2007. They have succeeded in mitigating negative outcomes and risks from your surrogacy journey to ensure success.

These Risks Include:

  • Pregnancy and birth – we know you want a baby more than anything
  • Surrogate and donor screening
  • Pregnancy complications for your surrogate and your child
  • NICU and after birth treatment
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ukrainian contract law
  • Front heavy payment schedules
  • Rising costs
  • Cultural and language differences
  • Communication
  • Surrogate's pregnancy lifestyle

Delivering Dreams has solutions to limit these risks and ensure a successful surrogacy journey.

Budgeting assistance: Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency also helps budget the non-surrogacy costs: flights, accommodations, food, etc. as well as all the logistics of making them happen.

As an independent agency, Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency is not owned by or representing any clinic or medical facility. In this way, there is no conflict of interest and they represent the interests of the intended parents and their child exclusively.

Opportunities to learn more: Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency will be holding a free webinar, Saturday March 7, 2020 from 10-11:00 EST. Register now at Ukrainian Surrogacy Webinar.

Delivering Dreams is excited to be back in Dublin, Ireland March 21th and 23rd to meet with couples in-person and answer their questions about Ukrainian surrogacy in a private setting. Sign up for a free consultation. This is a great chance to meet up in person and enjoy special pricing !o the couples with whom we meet.

Additionally, Delivering Dreams will be participating at the Growing Families Conference in Dublin March 22nd. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

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