Carried and bathed by her 61-year old surrogate mother

Grandmother gives birth to own granddaughter

A woman from Nebraska has given birth to her own granddaughter, after acting as a surrogate mother for her son and his husband.

When Matthew Eledge and Elliot Dougherty said they wanted to have a child to expand their family, Mr Eledge’s 61-year-old mother offered to be involved in a very special way.

“There was no moment of hesitation. It was natural instinct.” Ms Eledge told KETV-News. 

After lengthy medical checks, doctors at Omaha’s University of Nebraska Medical Centre gave the go-ahead. A foetus was created using in vitro fertilistion (IVF), using Mr Eledge’s sperm and eggs from Mr Dougherty’s sister, Lea Yribe.

Last week, several weeks early, Ms Eledge gave birth to a baby weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces. The couple have named her Uma Louise.

“When you are gay and married and want to have a kid, you go into it with knowledge that you are going to have to create a family in a special way,” said Mr Eledge. “There are creative, unique ways to build a family.”

He added: “We are thankful with how the whole process worked. We are really grateful that both Uma and her grandma are here, happy and healthy.

“The entire team from doctors to nurses to lab techs showed a beautiful balance of professionalism and compassion. For the time being, we’re just going to relax and enjoy this moment.”

The birth was captured in a series of stunning images by Ariel Panowicz, who posted several to her Instagram account.

“Little tiny Uma Louise has ventured into this world and let me tell you, she is simply perfect,” she wrote in one caption.

“Carried and birthed by her 61-year old Grandmother, and created by her two dads and loving aunt, Uma is surrounded by an immense amount of love.” 

She added: “Being a part of today was amazing. Cele, you are a warrior.”

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