Communicating with your Ukrainian Surrogacy About Covid

Our surrogates in Ukraine have close relationships with their IP, so communication is very open. (We provide interpretation help.) They may discuss together their concerns. Ukraine has taken such severe measures and are fining people out without masks, in groups of more than 2 and in closed areas like parks. The entire country is in lockdown. The surrogates are smart and they have their own families. The educational level in Ukraine is very high. Responsibility and safely an essential qualification in the screening process. We have educated surrogates about Covid-19 and how to protect themselves and their families. Our surrogates are outside of cities and therefore somewhat more community isolated. If they are pregnant past their 5th month, we move them to an individual apartment. By not sharing living accommodations we keep them more isolated. We are encouraging IP to stay in touch often with their surrogates to keep them reassured that all is well.

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