Good News for Ukrainian Surrogacy: Ukraine Takes First Step Toward Semi-Normalization in a Post Covid World! Second Step Planned for May 11th.

Yeah! Good news!

Ukraine is planning out its future and taking cautious careful steps. They have outlined a 4 step plan with the implementation of each step based on Covid-19 related health metrics.

In the video below I outline the first two steps. They opened the farmer’s markets last Friday, May 1 and hope to achieve stage 2 around May 11th.

A clarification in this video: the requirement that triggers step 2 is an increase in Covid-19 infection cases not more than 5% over 10 consecutive days.

But wait there is more!!

Just today, May 5th, Ukraine has opened for incoming shipments of biological material (like priceless sperm, eggs and embryos). The sending countries must also permit shipping. This is now what we are waiting on.

As of hitting the send button to you, these countries include some Eastern European countries and Germany. Discussions with IVF clinics seem to indicate that other European countries as well as Australia may allow outgoing shipments. We are still investigating the US.

Moving forward with medical treatments:

The top-tier clinics we work with were quick to react the virus. In the initial uncertainty, we stopped new procedures quickly, before it was even recommended by international ART organizations. Because pregnancies are ongoing, we have learned together and quickly implemented every protection, and preventative measure and procedure possible. (I should probably do a video just on this!) We have the resources to ensure the highest grade of gear and adjust the environment and surroundings to minimize risk. For all these reasons, we hope that we may be in a better place to return to normal than some.

I will keep you updated in a constantly changing situation.

Please reach out your questions.

Stay safe and healthy!


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