Important Tips for Entering Ukraine for Surrogacy from the “Red Zone”

No more private jets or flying strange routes! Now you can get into Ukraine easily to start your surrogacy or IVF journey in Ukraine without a 14 day quarantine. This decreases the cost of surrogacy and shortens your stay!

The "Red Zone" consists of countries with more than 40 active coronavirus cases per 100,000 people.

The fact that a citizen has a certificate of COVID-19 does not waive the need to undergo COVID-19 testing using the PCR method after crossing the state border or undergoing an observation if the citizen has arrived from a country entering the “red zone”.

Persons who cross the state border of Ukraine should install app "Dii Vdoma" and can choose one of three options:

  • Observation in specialized locations (Travellers arriving from countries in what the Ukrainian authorities call the “red zone” (where there are more than 40 active COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people) are required to undergo 14 days’ self-isolation proven by the “Dii Vdoma” tracking app;
  • 14 days self-isolation at a private residence (for persons who have agreed to undergo it using the "Dii Vdoma"mobile app);
  • Taking a PCR COVID-19 test after crossing the state border (Mandatory self-isolation or quarantine can be cancelled if a traveller undergoes a PCR test and receives a negative result once in Ukraine. Further information about taking the tests and cancelling self-isolation in case of a negative result can be found via the ‘more detailed’ link of the ‘for citizens of “red zone” countries’ box on the Ukrainian authorities’ Visit Ukraine webpage.

How to pass PCR-test and stop self-isolation through app “Dii vdoma” in order to start your Ukrainian surrogacy journey faster.

If citizen of "Red Zone" or Ukrainian, who returned from "Red Zone" does not want to undergo Self-Isolation during 14 days and wants to perform PCR test to cancel the Self-Insulation he/she must comply with following rules:

1.In all cases to download "Dii Vdoma" mobile app and specify his/her phone number as well as place for undergoing Self-Isolation;

2.After crossing border, the person has 24 hours to get to place of Self-Isolation. During this time mobile app will automatically remind person to note whether he/she has arrived at destination place or not;

3.During these 24 hours it is possible to perform PCR test in laboratory/clinic that are in the list of the Public Health Centre (the list is in the end of this page and is constantly updated. The laboratories which are not in the list don’t have access to the system; therefore they can’t provide the results of test to withdraw self-isolation.

4.During the test, the person must provide laboratory with his/her phone number linked to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app and fill in the informed agreement for data processing. The fact of crossing the Ukrainian border should be indicated in the agreement if it took place during the last 14 days; the exact date of arrival in Ukraine should be indicated.

5.After performing test, the person shall go to his/her place of Self-Isolation and note in app that he/she has arrived at destination place;

6.The result of test should be ready 24-48 hours after performing;

7.The laboratory staff only by person request must forward the negative test result to Public Health Centre by indicating the tourist’s phone number linked to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app;

8.In turn, the Public Health Centre collects the data in the unified electronic database and submits to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app the information on termination of Self-Isolation;

9.In this way tourist see in his/her "Dii Vdoma" mobile app if Self-Isolation is cancelled automatically and he/she can leave the premises and travel;

10.Test that was passed in the laboratory which is not in the list of Public Health Centre is not taken into account.

11."Dii Vdoma" mobile app shall not be deleted during the whole stay in Ukraine;

12.Person can’t enter negative test result by himself/herself to "Dii Vdoma" mobile app;

13.Person can’t leave the place of Self-Isolation until he/she receives a message in "Dii Vdoma" mobile app about terminating Self-Isolation for him/her.

The citizen from the red zone should install mobile app "Dii Vdoma" and be on self-isolation for 14 days, or on self-isolation before receiving the test results.

When passenger passing the passport control he should inform employee of the State Border Guard Service about his phone number* and the address of the place of self-isolation, and then show the appropriate window of the application.

It is forbidden to leave the place of observation by your own. All these precautions are required to make your surrogacy journey shorter and productive.

We at Delivering Dreams will help you every step of this process to prevent delays.

*Mobile app functions only with the SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator. Please contact your air carrier to buy such SIM card.

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