Ukraine Welcomes Foreigners Again For Ukrainian Surrogacy And Tourism!

After all the COVID-19 restrictions to travel, lockdown and challenges, Ukraine has finally opened borders for international travelers. 

As a Customer Care Manager at Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency, I wish to share my personal travel story, as this is a major concern and worry for any couple traveling to Ukraine to start their surrogacy journey or for the arrival of their child.

Today on 9th of July 2020 my partner from UK arrived to Ukraine. We’ve been apart for almost 4 months for the entire duration of COVID-19 and both were excited and slightly concerned on how to arrange travels from UK to Ukraine for our reunion.  

The pandemic has changed things significantly including international travels.  Let me share some helpful updates to ease the process for travelers arriving to Ukraine based on our personal experience and example. It depends what country you are coming from you either must self-isolate for 14 days or may not need to do so at all.  Countries are divided into GREEN ZONE and RED ZONE. Due to high numbers of Covid-19 infected United Kingdom belongs to RED ZONE. 

List of things to be done while in UK before exiting to Ukraine

First, we booked the flight London - Kyiv in advance. 

Second, purchased travel insurance which covers Covid-19 for the duration of stay in Ukraine. Make sure to do in UK before you arrive to Ukraine. Here is super useful and informative website in English language which explains in detail about app and insurance, also about isolation.

Third, Downloaded app “DII VDOMA” on your cell phone prior arriving to Ukraine.

Here is an interesting thing about app “ DII VDOMA” Maybe it’s just our case, maybe it’s the way it works for everyone. We are not sure.  My partner downloaded the app on his phone in UK 2 days prior he landed in Ukraine, so when he finally made it to designated location for his self-isolation the app didn’t show 14 days to quarantine but 12 ONLY. 

In UK airport

UK strongly advertise to remain from non- essential travels, however in London (which airport) at the airport there were no questions asked on what is the reason/purpose of travel etc. It was a very easy and smooth process, and fairly fast since there were not too many travelers at the airport. Boarding process as per normal with no documentation proof or explaining why UK citizen is traveling to Ukraine. 

The only mandatory requirement is to make sure you have and wear mask at the airport, during your flight and when you land in Ukraine.

In Ukraine airport

Before proceeding to the passport control there was a temperature check is done and then officers at the doors request all those who arrived to show that they downloaded app on cell phone “DII VDOMA” 

At the passport control you’ll be asked to provide Ukrainian cell phone number/address for self-isolation and show the insurance. (This is something Delivering Dreams would help you with so you can enter without any delays.)

In case visitors do not have Ukrainian SIM card for their phone yet, they must advise passport control officer that it will be purchased ASAP and activate it once self-isolation location is reached. This is very easy and again we will make sure we have this for you when we greet you at the airport.

Please note: foreigners must reach their stated place self-isolation location within 24 hours. This gives you freedom to travel to different cities in Ukraine. 

Challenges: The app is only designed for Ukrainian SIM card and it’s all in Ukrainian language. This is why we are always here to help! ?

To operate and activate app you must enter your telephone number and type it in Ukrainian language full address for observation (could be tricky) 

I helped my British visitor to set it up all in Ukrainian and activate the app.

Also photo ID will be requested using the camera on the phone. That is when the countdown for 14 days starts.

Visitors will be asked for photo report on app in random time throughout the day (usually 3 times)

Some fantastic news that were implemented recently in Ukraine! 

You can avoid self-quarantine and do PCR test instead in Ukraine. This will allow you to spend less time waiting and save you on the cost of your surrogacy.

How to pass PCR-test and stop self-isolation through app “Dii vdoma” detailed step by step instruction is here:

You need to go to one of the approved medical facilities.

You will receive a notification within 24-48 hours of your test that you tested negative and you can end your quarantine!

My partner and I are so happy to be together and that Ukraine has opened the borders. Yes, it’s not the same anymore and pandemic has changed the world and rules, however isn’t it great that after all Ukraine welcomes foreigners and you can plan your trip to a country with delicious food, incredible history, wonderful hospitality and beautiful people.

Looking forward to welcoming you!!

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