The Real Housewives of Atlanta stars - Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker

“Time is already flying by. I can’t believe my baby girl @blazetucker is already a month old!” Burruss wrote in her Instagram post. “I’ve got another blessing to love on.”

The mother of three shared in an episode of Parents magazine's We Are Family podcast, that her surrogate, Shadina, had carried for another family before, and so she "was really teaching" them "a lot of things" about the process.

While Burruss "was dealing with a lot more guilt" at the beginning of Shadina's pregnancy, by her second trimester, she "was really starting to appreciate her surrogate" because of the physical toll pregnancy takes on the body.

"Once I got comfortable, then I started really appreciating the fact that Shadina was doing the heavy lifting," she said.

Another Instagram photo, captioned simply with the hashtag “#BigBrotherGoals,” showed Blaze smiling while being held by her 4-year old big brother Ace Wells.

For anyone else considering in vitro fertilization and/or surrogacy, Burruss advised, "I would definitely say go forward. The research is the main thing. And then you just gotta trust and believe and just go for it."

Her journey with surrogacy has been documented on season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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