How accurate or the results of a Non-Invasive Parental Test

NIPT tests for fetal abnormalities have a high accuracy rate, but it's only a screening test, if the result shows a high likelihood of a chromosomal abnormality, your surrogate mother still need a diagnostic test, such as CVS or amniocentesis, to find out whether your baby does have an abnormality.

Sometimes the test can fail if your surrogate mother expecting twins. Or it can fail because the amount of DNA in your surrogate mother blood sample is too small to be analysed.
The accuracy of NIPTs differs slightly depending on the brand, but all are most accurate at predicting Down syndrome.

Because NIPT is a screening test, it won’t predict every baby affected by one of the chromosomal abnormalities tested for. There are an exceedingly small number of false negatives, which is when the baby of a mum-to-be who received a low- or medium-likelihood result from NIPT will actually have an abnormality.

If your NIPT results show a high chance that your baby is affected by a chromosomal abnormality, your doctor, and Delivering Dreams Agency works only with the best, will offer you genetic counselling to help you better understand your results and options.

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