Mom Gives Birth Four Years After Her Own Mother Carried Her First Child

Kelley McKissack acted as her daughter's surrogate in 2016. Now, her daughter has given birth to her second child.

A woman gave birth to her second child four years after her own mother was the surrogate for her first child. The woman and her husband are thrilled to welcome their baby girl into the world. They say both of their children are miracle babies, as their first child was born through a surrogate – the woman’s mother.

In 2016, the mother of Kelley McKissack stepped up to be her surrogate after watching her daughter suffer through three miscarriages. The child’s grandmother carried and delivered her own grandchild. McKissack says she that she thought their baby girl would be the only child she and her husband Aaron McKissack would have. But, life took a turn for the couple when they found out Kelley was pregnant a little more than nine months ago. When she went to the doctor, she underwent laboratory work which is when doctors discovered she had a blood clotting disorder. Every day since then, Kelley had to have blood thinning shots. Dr. Joseph Leveno says Kelley was strict about the protocols, and followed them to a T. She would give herself the shot everyday and do all the other things doctors asked of her. According to CBS DFW, her treatment had worked. This time, she was able to carry her second daughter. Leveno says he was very excited for Kelley and her family, adding that she did a “wonderful” job.

Now, four and a half years after Kelley’s 54-year-old mother carried their first daughter, Kelley was carrying her second daughter. Kelley says being able to feel her daughter kick and move and then see her in person doing those same moves on her belly is an unexplainable feeling. She recently gave birth to baby Zoey and the couple are overjoyed with her arrival. The couple says she is the family’s second miracle baby. Video from the couple’s first daughter’s arrival is emotional, and shows Kelley’s mother in the hospital looking over at her granddaughter she had just delivered. Kelley can be heard introducing her daughter to her grandmother. The couple had no idea then that in the years to come,

Now, Kelley is just hoping their story will inspire others to always have hope. She believes the impossible is possible for many people and encourages people to explore their options. She also says it’s important to have good doctors you can trust, and if you don’t trust your doctors, find ones that you have faith in and keep trying.


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