Chinese Couple Finally Allowed To Meet Baby Born To Arizona Surrogate

A Chinese couple is happy to reunite with their son six weeks after he was born.

A Chinese couple is happy to reunite with their son six weeks after he was born to a surrogate mom from Green Valley, Arizona. The couple couldn’t make it to the US for the birth of their son on July 11 due to the international travel bans. Heather Regan, who was a first-time surrogate mom, gave birth alone to baby Jasper because his parents were thousands of miles away. Heather had always wanted the Chinese couple to be there during the birth of their son so that they could hear his first cry and be the first ones to hold him. However, this wasn't possible due to the coronavirus pandemic that saw the US ban many countries from entering the country including China.

Heather said that she had to grab her phone immediately after giving birth to record a video of Jasper’s first cry because that is a special moment for every parent. She says that she couldn’t even focus much on her delivery experience because she was focused on documenting the delivery moments for Jasper’s parents. However, she is happy that she has finally made the Chinese couple's dream of wanting to have a family come true. Heather documented her surrogacy journey with photos that she used to send to the Chinese couple and they used to send her pictures and thanking her for what she was doing for them. To them, Heather is their hero!

According to Fox10 News, Baby Jasper had to stay with Egg Donor and Surrogacy Institute for six weeks until his parents finally made it to the US. Parham Zar, the CEO of the Institute, says that they had a nanny who was present during Jasper’s delivery and was dedicated to taking care of him. They set an apartment for him with the nanny and installed cameras in the rooms and Jasper’s parents could see their son 24/7. Even though Heather had the option of looking after Jasper until his parents arrived, she chose not to, because she feared she might become attached to him.

Even though COVID-19 affected various industries and businesses, the surrogacy industry was hit hard. The international families had to be absent during the birth of their babies and most of them had to stay for weeks after their baby was born to meet them. This scenario was common due to COVID-19 travel bans. This was devastating to the baby’s parents and it must have caused them sleepless nights knowing that their baby was somewhere else instead of being with them. After struggling to find a surrogate, such a scenario can be a nightmare.


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