Katie Lee and Ryan Biegel After Struggling with Infertility

It is great when people in the spotlight speak out about their infertility. Although it is still spoken of too little and I believe too late – only after success. I think this gives the impression that you are somehow still “less than” if you are unable to overcome infertility.

We wish all to have a positive ending, but we know this is not so. Please reach out with questions about Ukrainian surrogacy. This could be the option for you to have a child and overcome infertility.
Lee explained in a lengthy April 24, 2019, Instagram post that a round of in vitro fertilization had yielded "zero healthy embryos. Not only is iVF physically exhausting, the emotional toll is unparalleled. We were filled with hope and excitement only to be crushed. … I know a family will happen for us. … We will keep working towards it."

After struggling with infertility, Food Network star and cookbook author Katie Lee and her TV-producer husband Ryan Biegel have welcomed their first child together.

"Welcome, baby Iris Marion Biegel 9.2.20 Our hearts are so full," Lee, who turns 39 on Sept. 14, wrote on Twitter and Instagram, alongside a beatific image of herself in a bed holding the newborn to her chest. Biegel, whom Lee married in September 2018, posted the same photo and message on his own Instagram account.

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