What is Sperm Chip Treatment and What are the Benefits in Ukrainian Surrogacy?

Sperm chip is a method to select and prepare the sperm before ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatments.

What is Sperm Chip Technology?

There are many different methods for searching for live and healthy sperm cells. These methods, along with developing technologies, are creating more effective treatments every day. Among these methods, special sperm extraction technologies such as sperm chip is leaving behind more dated technologies. With this technology, we can obtain healthy pregnancies and birth, even with sperm cells that are very weak and are unlikely to create a baby. When performed alongside IVF treatment, the microchip technology helps to increase pregnancy rates. It is performed in the laboratory to identify healthy and viable sperm from the less healthy sperm.

How Does Sperm Chip Technology Work:

  • Micro-chips, known as sperm chips, are made up of micro-channels of hormones, mimicking that of the female reproductive system. The sample is placed on the chip and the healthy sperm collect on one side, the unhealthy sperm on the other.
  • In terms of DNA, the healthiest and highest quality sperm cells are collected for use in treatment.
  • With unhealthy sperm eliminated from the sample, the risk of miscarriage is hugely reduced.
  • This method ensures the DNA structure of the embryo is healthier and stronger, so the chance of implantation, and therefore the chance of pregnancy, increases exponentially.

Sperm Chips are another way we at Delivering Dreams help couples with unique fertility issues overcome obstacles to having a child through Ukrainian Surrogacy.

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