Choosing a Ukrainian Surrogate with Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy

In the US, it can be very difficult to find surrogates.

In Ukraine, while many agencies and donors have waits for up to surrogates and donors are available immediately, so we can offer you potential surrogates and donors who meet your requested characteristics right away.

Based on your timing and the characteristics you want in a donor; we will give you a selection of choices that are ready now. We will not offer you donors that are not available. With some of our programs we can give you experienced donors with information about their previous success rate. Donors have a short stimulation period. When you find one you like you should choose them immediately as they can not be held for you for long.

We give you surrogate that meet your requirements.

Every donor and surrogate we offer you is completely screened medically, psychologically as well as their living environment and support system. They are highly educated and come from middle class healthy living backgrounds.

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