NGS-Technological Breakthrough in Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the latest genetic screening test for fertility patients and is a form of PGT-A (for aneuploidies). It allows embryologists to screen for defects on the chromosomal level with higher accuracy and more detail than ever before.

Results are comprehensive and a higher resolution than any other test and will detect more translocations. It may be run as a stand alone test or in conjunction with PGT-M (monogenic disorders) and is faster to complete. NGS can also detect mosaicism which is when the embryo’s cells exhibit different chromosomal content.

Importance of NGS

As a woman reaches an advanced maternal age (35 and older), there is a greater chance that her low-quality eggs will create chromosomally abnormal embryos. The primary goal of NGS is to transfer embryos that have been found to have a normal chromosomal number – euploid. This is also the main goal of embryologists Delivering Dreams work with.

Main Benefits of NGS

  • Reduce the number of miscarriages
  • Reduce the number of IVF cycles
  • Reduce the risk of a multiple pregnancy with a single embryo transfer
  • Increase ongoing pregnancy rates
  • Increase live births

Next Generation Sequencing in Combination with IVF

Genetic screening is becoming an increasingly important part of the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process. Through the use of genetic screening, fertility experts are able to determine if an embryo has a genetic issue, such as a chromosomal abnormality or a genetic disease.

The embryos with defects are not used, leaving only the healthiest embryos to be transferred into your surrogate uterus during IVF or cryopreserved for future Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET).

Using genetic screening decreases the likelihood of a miscarriage due to abnormalities in the embryo and ultimately increases the chance of delivering a healthy baby.

New genetic screening provides an additional level of data to help researchers select the healthiest embryos in order to improve outcomes and deliver you a healthy baby. Under this we at Delivering Dreams are working.

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