Ukrainian Surrogacy Ensuring Success and Minimising Risks

Ukrainian Surrogacy: How It Works For Couples Longing For A Child

Ukrainian Surrogacy has been in the news a lot recently. Rightly so. It is has become the go-to location for couples to have a child. The combination of secure legal rights, high success rates, affordability and accessibility, are very compelling. Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency works with couples around the world to have children through Ukrainian surrogacy. They offer advantages that no one else does to protect couples from potential pitfalls, fully resolve their concerns and deliver a beautiful baby!

Your Child Is Yours from Conception

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine (when the child the surrogate is carrying is unrelated to her biologically) is legal and regulated at the federal level. The intended parents have strong rights. Their child is in their custody from conception, and their surrogate has no rights over their child at any time and cannot keep the child. Medical facilities must be licensed, and there are requirements surrogates and donors must meet.

With the difference in economies, donors and surrogate mothers undergo extensive medical testing that would be prohibitively expensive in other countries.

Baby is Your Nationality From Birth

When the child is born, she or he is your nationality from birth, whether American or Irish. The names on the birth certificate are the intended parents with no mention of a surrogate or donor. The exit process takes from 2-4 weeks to get the child's travel documentation to fly home.

Unique Risk Minimizing Solutions by Delivering Dreams

In any surrogacy journey, especially one abroad, you must be aware of all the potential risks before you start. One of the challenges is that couples often don't know all the pitfalls.

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency has been creating families in Ukraine since 2007. They have succeeded in mitigating negative outcomes and risks from your surrogacy journey to ensure success.

These risks include:

  • Pregnancy and birth – we know you want a baby more than anything
  • Surrogate and donor screening
  • Pregnancy complications for your surrogate and your child
  • NICU and after birth treatment
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ukrainian contract law
  • Front heavy payment schedules
  • Rising costs
  • Cultural and language differences
  • Communication
  • Surrogate's pregnancy lifestyle

Delivering Dreams has solutions to limit these risks and ensure a successful surrogacy journey.

Independent Agency by Your Side

Unlike other agencies, Delivering Dreams is an independent agency. This means it is not owned or paid by any clinic or medical facility. Unlike the agencies owned by clinics, which really represent the interests of those clinics. While Delivering Dreams is always on the side of the intended parents with no conflict of interest.

What does this mean for your surrogacy journey? If you have a concern with anything regarding the medical treatment of your surrogate or child, they will fight for you. Whether it is requesting more detailed information, making sure your surrogate gets a treatment she needs even if it will be more expensive for the clinic or a significant step like changing the clinic you are working with, Delivering Dreams is always advocating for you.

"We strive to prevent anything that could become a concern before it happens. If there is a problem, it is our job to make it right for the intended parents." Says the founder of Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency, Susan Kibler. Having strong relationships in this area for so long, they know how to make things happen. "We hear about clinics demanding more money from intended parents at the time of delivery or refusing them contact with their surrogates. That would not be tolerated, nor would we work with a clinic that is anything less than exceptionally ethical and provides the highest quality of medical care and service.

"I don't have enough words to describe the work with Susan. She is such a caring person that will go the extra mile in order to meet your goals. If you want to have someone supporting and being there with you every step of the way - Susan is the one. It is not an easy journey, and you will be lucky if Susan will be the one to support you along this way." Ella and Kon

Delivering Dreams' Independence also brings increased opportunity to couples. Depending on your unique situation, goals, concerns and budget Delivering Dreams can recommend one of their trusted clinics that will best meet your needs and can also create programs that address your specific worries. Kibler explains that they have guaranteed programs with unlimited attempts, cycles, surrogates, etc. until your child is born as well as programs that offer blastocyst guarantees and multiple simultaneous cycles with different donors. "It is important that we understand your history and struggles. We work with doctors to evaluate your medical situation so that we can recommend the best program and clinic to ensure a successful birth without overpaying." Says Kibler.

"There are different agencies, and I was reading about their experience…I feel like Ryan & I hit the jackpot in regards to meeting you. No stress, no worries. It's kind of nice to not have that for once." Karen

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency has uniquely designed their services the way only an independent agency can - by bringing exclusive opportunities and solutions to limit and minimize the risks during the surrogacy process an achieve what you most want – a beautiful child!

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