Things Not To Say To People Suffering From Infertility

For most infertile individuals, to say "relax and get it going" is pointless.

Infertility is seldom talked about openly, and most of us don't know the words to help a friend or family member with this difficult experience.

Just don’t ask these kind of questions or make these statements.

  • ‘Are you trying to get pregnant?'
  • 'Truly, children are over-rated!'
  • 'I know this individual who miraculously got pregnant!'
  • 'Why not go to my baby shower?'
  • 'You have a baby. When will you get the following one? '
  • 'I know how you are feeling, because it took me almost four months to get pregnant!'

It is savvy to reconsider before asking anybody when you are intending to have a baby. The questions can be excruciating and hard for individuals who are infertile (also there are individuals who have no offspring voluntarily).

Statements to support infertile women

Remember that their misery might be gone some day

The person may require a break from the kids' discussion whenever you see them.

Don’t disregard it

Dread of saying an inappropriate thing to somebody we love can now and again make us say nothing. But statements that you are willing to listen and support them with their problems can make them feel better. Don’t choose to stay completely silent. Say things that actually make them feel less stressful. Ask them how you can support them best.

Keep checking in and offer your availability if they want to talk things out

What is the best thing you can say to your infertile friend?

Be an active listener, without proposing unsolicited advices. They must know that they have a friend who will always be there to listen to their problems. Talking their difficulties out to someone can make them feel relaxed.

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