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How Do You Know the Clinics and Agencies to Work With for Ukrainian Surrogacy

One of the first and most important questions couples ask us when they are considering surrogacy is:

"How do we know which clinic to work with? How can we know which clinics are the best?

Currently, there are now about 50 surrogacy facilities offering affordable surrogacy programs in Ukraine. Quality varies significantly. For something as important as your child, choosing a low-quality clinic can be disastrous. Working with the best quality clinics is essential to your success in bringing home a healthy child.

Delivering Dreams Screens And Verifies All Clinics

We provide honest and accurate information and facts in a world of rumors, misinformation, and internet promises.

Since we have been working in Ukraine well before many clinics even opened, we know an immense amount of internal information. We are constantly reevaluating our clinics - dropping those that don't meet our demanding standards and assessing other clinics as potential medical providers for our couples.

We know:

  • Which clinics have had lawsuits with surrogates and intended parents.
  • About government investigations into medical, legal and financial practices at clinics.
  • Which clinics use minimal testing for their surrogate and provide them a low quality of
  • How much different clinics pay their surrogates which is another indication of quality. The most healthy and best surrogates go to clinics that compensate them well and take the very best medical and psychological care of them.
  • The clinics that cut corners with medical material and procedures to save money
  • Where children have been born with no biological link to the intended parents
  • The clinics that have actually created problems or complications so they can charge intended parents more
  • Where surrogates face threats and gag clauses if they communicate with intended parents or share any negative experiences
  • The clinics with one-sided contracts that offer no protection to the intended parents
  • Clinics that consider their work done after a positive pregnancy test
  • Clinics that do procedures with very little chance of success requiring additional services at additional charges.
  • Which clinics outsource much of their medical activities to other clinics and are just clinics by appearance.
  • Procedures for tracking your biological material before during and after different procedures with the very best technologies to prevent any mistakes or mix-ups.
  • Clinics where surrogates and intended parents are not allowed to communicate. If surrogates are high quality there should be no concerns about open communication. What are they hiding?
  • Clinics that have more unhealthy children than is acceptable.
  • Clinics that conduct practices and medical treatment that is outright illegal in Ukraine and puts intended parents and their children at immense risk

This Means At Delivering Dreams We Know Our Clinics Are The Very Best.

Our Clinics:

  • Have the best embryologist teams
  • Screen and select surrogates rigorously (our clinics take as few as 1 in 20 surrogates who apply.)
  • Have the best surrogate care
  • Have the most transparency
  • Offer immediate access to doctors and specialists
  • Allow us full contact with surrogates for independent verification
  • Provide exclusive information on past donor statistics and success
  • Offer our couples first choice of donors and surrogates with personal doctor recommendations
  • Have the best legal and ethical standards
  • Are careful to offer advice that is in your interest in terms of your success and budget rather than encouraging unnecessary procedures.
  • Offer competitive pricing and will work with us to find the best options for you.

This is even more important in these days of Covid-19. International quality procedures to protect surrogates, donors, staff, and couples must be in place.

At Delivering Dreams, we believe you deserve the very best. With us, that is what you can expect.

“I am so impressed with you being on top of and ahead of me on everything, in smallest details. I have to say, it feels so much above and beyond of my experience in USA, I am speechless.”
- Annette S.

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