When Is Surrogacy Seen as a Good Option to Create a Family?

The most widely recognized explanation individuals decide to have a surrogacy is that pregnancy isn't possible. There are a few reasons why an individual can't get pregnant, which include:

  • A background marked by serious pre-eclampsia with HELLP disorder
  • No uterus (either inherent on account of Müllerian Agenesis or analyzed because of past Hysterectomy)
  • Medical conditions which can make pregnancy, compromise the health of an individual or the child (for instance: Coronary illness, Lupus, a background marked by Reproductive Cancer, kidney infection, Cystic Fibrosis, uncontrolled Diabetes, etc.)
  • Recurrent failure of fetal implantation during IVF
  • Unspecified repetitive premature births that have not been settled through treatments
  • Incurable Asherman's Syndrome or Uterine Adhesions
  • Uterine malfunctions that forestall fetal implantation or cause repetitive premature births

Whenever a woman can’t carry a child, either due to physical inability or a condition she has, or if pregnancy would put her and her potential child at serious risk, Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy can help with Surrogacy in Ukraine.

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