No Quarantine for Entering Ukraine for Surrogacy and IVF

Many couples are putting off their dreams of having children through Ukrainian surrogacy and IVF because of the Covid pandemic. Concerns about closing borders, long quarantines, exit scares and interruptions to the surrogacy processes have caused many intended parents to put their Ukrainian surrogacy journeys on hold.

Covid is not affecting Ukrainian surrogacy. The Corona Virus is not affecting Ukrainian surrogacy. Now is a great time to start.

You Can Enter Ukraine With Little To No Quarantine

Recently the Ukrainian government has closed borders for short periods of time, a month in August and again in January. These times are announced in advance so we can plan and make sure you can get in to be at your child’s birth.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine announced that they do not plan on closing the borders in the future.

How do you come to Ukraine for your IVF before Ukrainian surrogacy, or to pick up your newborn child?

Green Zone Countries: Some countries, labeled “Green Zone” countries can enter without any documentation, quarantine, or anything at all. These are countries with lower rates of Corona Virus infection, specifically less than 315 cases per 100,000 people. This list is constantly changing. You can find a list of Red Zone and Green Zone countries and more information on our blog post: Entering Ukraine: Green and Red Zones.

Red Zone Countries: If you are from a country listed in the “Red Zone” fear not. There are two simple ways to enter Ukraine without having to quarantine.

Avoid Quarantine Even If You Are From A Red Zone Country

Ukraine recognizes Covid PCR tests (nose swab) done in other countries. If you have negative test results with the date on the report or results in less than 48 hours of your arrival, you have no restrictions all. Getting the timing down to the hour can be stressful, however, we have found that they are somewhat lenient on the timing. Best to strive to have it within the 48 hours of arrival.

Need to jump on a plane and be there for the birth of your child? Testing is too difficult? There is another way. When you enter you can get a COVID test right at the airport. The signage is excellent so you can’t miss it. You scan the QR code and it brings up all the information in English. You will need to insert your Ukrainian telephone number and the address of the apartment where you will be staying (Delivering Dreams will provide this).

Once you have your sim card with your Ukrainian telephone number, you download an app called VDoma. With this application you are supposed to be quarantined for 24-48 hours until you receive your negative test results from your Covid test by email.

You should arrive at your apartment within 24 hours of arrival and set it up by taking a photo in your home of your face. Strangely, it asks you to turn from side to side and up and down. It has a very helpful funny photo to show you what you are supposed to do! Every 3-4 hours, it will notify you by text to open the app at your home and turn your head this way and that based on the instructions. This app will search you by GPS location to check that you are at home until you get your negative Covid test certificate by email.

I do not understand the head turning bit for monitoring where you are. All it proves is that you have a decent range of motion with your neck. It took me 36 hours to get my certificate, but the program did not shut off, so I ignored it. Even when I returned home, it loves to ping me.

What you need to know is that if you need to leave your home for medical reasons, like visiting fertility clinics, in reality, your surrogacy journey will not be disrupted, and you will not be quarantined.

Covid travel Insurance: To enter Ukraine Covid health insurance is required. It must be purchased from one of several authorized providers before you arrive. It is very inexpensive, costing about 700 UAH per 15 days about $25. Fifteen days it is a minimum term that you can buy this kind of insurance. Here is more information and a link to purchase insurance. Things To Do Before Traveling to Ukraine for Surrogacy During Covid

Now is the time to start. With less people traveling and taking holidays, the cost of visiting Ukraine for delicious food and comfortable accommodations during your stay will make the cost of your Ukrainian surrogacy even more affordable.

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