Positive surrogacy experience

However, Olga Kicena, a surrogate mother from the Ukrainian city of Vinnitsya, tells a positive story of her experience.

A sports coach and body building champion, she acted as the surrogate for a Chinese couple, whose son she gave birth to in July.

She insists that she felt in no way exploited, and notes that the medical follow-up was impeccable.

Olga says surrogacy was a way for her to change her life and that of her 13-year-old daughter:

"I came to (surrogacy) in order to no longer live with my mother and to buy myself a small house. To do that, I would have had to (otherwise) work for a very long time, or go and work abroad.

"I didn't want to leave my child behind with her grandmother or someone else, so I didn't think about it for long and chose to enter a surrogacy program.

"In the beginning, I did it for the money, it's true.

"But once I was pregnant, I felt I was creating a family for someone. And my thoughts changed. Money is good, but giving someone life is even better. "

When asked if it had been difficult to part with the baby after carrying if for nine months, she has no hesitation:

"I understood from the start that the child should be given away.

"So there were no maternal feelings, emotions, throughout the pregnancy. I have my own child whom I love, and have emotions for.

There was only a sense of responsibility. That I have been carrying someone else's child for 9 months, and that I need to pass it over. Of course it is very cute when you see this little baby, it's very moving .. But I understood that this child was someone else's. That he had a dad and mom. "

"My mom gave a new life, I think that's great! It's a positive thing for me, I'm proud of my mom", adds her daughter Alisa, smiling.

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