Ukrainian Surrogacy - Potential Ethical Concerns With Surrogacy And How We Address Them With Our Ukrainian Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy can be a wonderful option for couples who can’t have children. However, there are individuals who believe that surrogacy is unethical and exploits women.
One of the reasons Delivering Dreams only works in Ukraine is the high level of regulation for intended parents, surrogates, and donors, thus preventing many issues of concern.
In addition, we at Delivering Dreams have put in place protections for intended parents and surrogates.

These are some of the concerns raised by those who object to surrogacy, counter-arguments and how Ukraine and Delivering Dreams does all it can to eliminate these worries.

Risks and Concerns

Protecting the human rights of surrogates. The counter-argument is that each human being is allowed to choose what they do in life and with their bodies. The essential thing for Delivering Dreams is that the surrogate completely understands what she is doing and what her obligations and responsibilities are.
Poor women being exploited. In many countries, surrogates are illiterate and uneducated. Ukraine has an extremely high level of education. Our surrogates are not in poverty. We make sure that all our surrogates have good living conditions and a healthy and supportive environment. Most often, women who are poor do not have the healthy diet and habits that middle-class women will have. They would not be acceptable candidates for our program.
Unreliable and/or incomplete information about the surrogacy process, for the surrogate or intended parents and their responsibilities and rights. We will introduce you to independent lawyers specializing in surrogacy to give you confidence.
Reliable and quality medical care. With over 20 years’ experience, a great track record and high success rate, reliable and very high-quality health care are essential. 
Lack of physiological support. We see this as a vital part of a healthy pregnancy for your surrogate and a healthy surrogacy journey for you as intended parents. Both you and your surrogate will get support throughout the process.
Provision of safe and comfortable living arrangements of their choosing. We believe allowing our surrogates to live in their familiar and comfortable homes prevents stress and provides stability for your surrogate. From month 7, we will move her to a very comfortable apartment near our facility, so she can be under constant medical observation. Her family and friends are welcome to visit and spend time.

Contracts in languages they do not speak or read. All our contracts between surrogates and intended parents are side-by-side Ukrainian and English. We recommend a lawyer or translator check this for you to make sure it is accurately represented in English.

Forcing a woman who does not want to be a surrogate into surrogacy. This is just not possible in Ukraine. There are too many checks by the government to allow surrogates into the program and our process to be sure they are 100% committed and looking forward to the process of nurturing your child for 9 months in a healthy and happy environment.

Making it difficult for a surrogate to give informed consent. They speak the language and always have access to independent lawyers.

Medically unnecessary cesarean sections for the convenience of intended parents and to increase the speed and volume of births. This is outright illegal and unethical. The medical facilities and practices are inspected, and this would not pass.

Lack of recourse when problems arise. This can be an issue for intended parents as the contracts are read and enforced under Ukrainian law. This is why Delivering Dreams, as an American company, contracts with the intended parents under US law. This provides recourse in a viable jurisdiction. The surrogate contract is still under Ukrainian law. This is a significant reason behind our guaranteed not-to-exceed pricing.

Lack of additional medical advice. At Delivering Dreams, we involve your IVF clinic and/or doctors in your home country as much as you would like. If there are questions we will be right on them. With us, you also have the right to change physicians if there are concerns.

Lack of information or misinformation throughout the process. Make sure you know what information you will receive throughout the process, how often and in what form. You don’t want to receive documents in Ukrainian! Also, test your agency’s responsiveness. If they are unresponsive before you start the process, they probably won’t be very responsive once you have signed.

Not being able to get your child out of the birth country, or into your home country. Not all agencies provide the documentation and do the work necessary to get your child’s US passport or documents required by other countries. Be sure to check on this before signing.

Fraud: unfortunately, there are many kinds. Please refer to Chapter 11 on Avoiding Fraud.
Intended parents and surrogates have a right to know about all possible challenges and options available to them, as well as risks to future children, so they can participate in arrangements that minimize harm.

In these ways, Delivering Dreams and the laws of Ukraine work to mitigate these risks as much as possible.

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