Your donor is extremely important, probably as much or more than your surrogate, as it is her or his genetic material that will contribute to your child.

Donor Selection

By law, donors in Ukraine must remain anonymous.
When you are given donor profiles, they should contain, at a minimum, the following information: a photo, hair and eye color, weight and height and educational level.
Be sure to understand in advance what your agency will provide you regarding donors.
Think about the traits and characteristics you want in a donor. Most intended parents wish to have a donor that has a similar physical appearance to the parents. You may want a certain religion or anything else that is important to you.
Be sure you take into consideration the nature-nurture factor and the randomness of genetics. A donor that is a star concert pianist can in no way even come close to guaranteeing your child will have any musical ability at all.

Something To Know

Over 30 years ago, there was a nuclear accident in the north-west of Ukraine when the Chernobyl power plant was destroyed. Most of the fall out went north to Belorussia. That area of the country was evacuated immediately. Ukraine is a huge country, but better to be safe.
In Ukraine, they have an internal passport that tracks where they have lived. In this way, we at Delivering Dreams make sure that your surrogate and donor’s families are not from this area – just in case.

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