Surrogates - Ukrainian Surrogacy

Your surrogate will be carrying and caring for, your child through the pregnancy. It is essential that you make sure your surrogate has met the strictest requirements and receives the highest level of care and support.

Ukrainian surrogacy is highly regulated to protect all parties involved. Legally, a woman can only be a surrogate if she is between 20-36 years of age and has had a successful, healthy, and problem free pregnancy. 

Before you choose a surrogate, ask if she has been thoroughly medically and psychologically tested.

Not all testing is equal. Make sure you know exactly what tests your surrogate will undergo. If you are uncertain, speak with your doctor. You can also have your doctor review test results for your surrogate.

At Delivering Dreams we run over 40 medical tests in addition to psychological and background checks. As a result, only 1 in 12 is accepted into our program. This is after they meet the government standards. Generally, the more testing and care agencies commit to in their selection process, the healthier their surrogates will be and the higher your success rate. This sort of testing would be prohibitively expensive in most countries.

Make sure you know the amount of care and support your surrogate will receive before, during and after the pregnancy. The better care your surrogate receives, the better care your future child receives.

Know how much your surrogate is compensated. This should be spelled out in the surrogacy contract. Your surrogate is doing an amazing thing for you, it is important that she is adequately compensated. One of the reasons Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, and India have banned all surrogacy is because people were taking advantage of women and in the end, they were receiving very little.

You want the best surrogate possible. Compare surrogate compensation and make sure you are not going with an overly cheap variant. Not a great analogy, but if you were doing a major renovation of your home, would you choose the contractor whose prices was significantly under all the others?

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