Financial Issues - Ukrainian Surrogacy

It is important to understand the entire cost of the surrogacy process, from your first consultation to bringing your child home. There are often lots of hidden costs, especially in the pricing for surrogacy programs posted online.

Delivering Dreams prides ourselves on making sure our costs are broken down clearly for you to see. We guarantee not to exceed pricing on most expenses. That means most of our prices are capped, and if costs end up being more expensive than what is in your contract, we pay the additional amount.

Make sure you understand what is included and what is not included. The trick is, sometimes you can’t tell what is and isn’t included.

This is a common and unfortunate bait and switch problem in working with agencies and clinics not just in Ukraine, but all over the world. There are lots of costs that are often not included in surrogacy pricing.

Some of the most frequent unlisted expenses are:

  • The cost of medicines, both for surrogates and donors.
  • High bank fees for making payment.
  • Standard testing throughout the pregnancy.
  • A stipend for healthy food and clothing for your surrogate.
  • An apartment near the maternity hospital during the last months of pregnancy.
  • Your presence in the delivery room.
  • Post-delivery care for your child.
  • Getting the documents, you need to leave the country.
  • Documentation and process for your child’s passport from the US Embassy or other country so you may take your child home.
  • Costs in the surrogacy contact you only discover after signing the agency or clinic contract.

With Delivering Dreams, the only costs not included are your travel expenses, accommodation, and the cost of shipping biological materials. If there are complications or you request additional tests throughout the process that would also not be included.

I always feel our surrogacy prices appear higher than others if you compare prices on websites. It is because EVERYTHING you need for the surrogacy process from the beginning of the process of getting your child home is included in our pricing. No surprises. Ever.

You should always be informed in advance of the costs of common complications, such as cesarean.

If you have twins, there are additional costs. The surrogate will be compensated more and there will be additional medical costs. All these costs should be presented to you in advance.
Be sure to ask what happens if? What are the cost implications if your surrogate does not become pregnant on the first implantation? What are the cost implications if you must change surrogates? No question is trivial.  You deserve clarity. It is easy for an agency to quote a low number and if you don’t ask all the right questions, you may be surprised frequently throughout the process with additional bills.

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