Topics To Address Before Starting The Surrogacy Process

Make sure you and your spouse are on the same page. Make sure you are both 100% committed. My hope is that this book helps introduce topics to inspire and guide you in these conversations and decisions.

How Will You Discuss Your Surrogacy With Friends And Family?

Discuss who, how and why you will share the information about your surrogacy journey. There is no right or wrong way on this one. Some people find it an extremely personal experience and others blog every day.

What is essential, is that you and your spouse agree how you will handle different stages of the surrogacy journey and support each other.

After coming home with your child, you will inevitably be asked all sorts of questions, many of them inappropriate and hurtful, although mostly unintentionally so. I have included information in this book for you to consider and discuss before you face these situations. I have also included information on speaking with your child about their birth through surrogacy.

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