Legal Qualifications for Ukrainian Surrogacy

Since Ukrainian surrogacy is highly regulated at a federal level to protect all parties, couples must meet certain characteristics to be admitted to a surrogacy program in Ukraine.

 - Couples must be legally married. Single women or men are not eligible.

 - They must be a heterosexual couple.

 - The intended mother must have a medical reason why she cannot carry a child to term. It could be because of a condition from birth, the result of a disease or a previous birth situation. It could be because her health or the health of the child would be in danger if she carried a child.

  • Your US doctor must document your infertility and its cause.
  • The Ukrainian authorities and/or doctors might ask for testing results or other information from your doctors to substantiate your situation

- Couples must demonstrate with test results that they do not have any diseases or conditions which might be passed on to the surrogate.

- Also accepted are couples who have undergone 4 or more unsuccessful IVF attempts.

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