Why Ukrainian Surrogacy?

Ukrainian surrogacy is when a gestational surrogate living in Ukraine and a citizen of Ukraine carries a child genetically related to you, your spouse or both of you. She will be in Ukraine throughout the entire surrogacy process.

The Benefits of Ukrainian Surrogacy

After a minute of holding your child, you will know the best reason you ever considered Ukrainian surrogacy, but there are many more!

Strong legal protections for intended parents. The surrogate has no right or ability to keep your child. The child is yours from conception.

Affordable: Surrogacy in the US can cost near $150,000. Because of the difference in economies, surrogacy in Ukraine costs a fraction of this. Ukrainian surrogacy is much more affordable.
High success rates. Because of the western facilities, experienced doctors and our sophisticated testing, surrogates, and donors are screened much more than would be financially feasible in the US. Our rate of success for a healthy birth through surrogacy with egg donation is high. Different agencies and clinics have different results.

Birth certificate: Your child’s birth certificate is issued with your names and the name you choose for your child, with no mention of a surrogate or donor.

High-Quality Surrogates: We screen our surrogates extensively BEFORE they are offered to you. We run over 40 medical tests. We are very choosy and only want the best. After passing initial assessments, only 1 in 12 is approved as a surrogate. This is one of the key factors in our high rates of successful, healthy births.

Donors are highly educated, successful, healthy women. BEFORE we give you profiles to choose from, we conduct exhaustive medical and psychological testing to make sure they will be excellent candidates. We reject over 70% of our candidates.

Your child will be a US citizen from birth. You leave Ukraine with a US passport for your newborn child.

Well regulated. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine issues requirements for all donors and surrogates as well as intended parents. All medical facilities involved in artificial reproduction technologies must be licensed and are subject to government oversight.

No waiting. In the US, it can be very difficult to find surrogates. In Ukraine, surrogates and donors are available immediately, so we can offer you potential surrogates and donors who meet your requested characteristics right away.

Ukrainian surrogacy is legal in the US in all states, with no limitations, documentation or permissions necessary at any point in your Ukrainian surrogacy journey.

Surrogates are respected, well treated, receive western medical care, legal and emotional support throughout their journey. Compensation is fair and transparent.

No upper age limit for couples participating in surrogacy. There is never a perfect time to start a family. If you have struggled with infertility, it can be a difficult journey. It is never too late to have a family through surrogacy in Ukraine.

No adoption is necessary for the US. No documentation to file when you return home. All paperwork is done with our help at the US Embassy in Ukraine. Nothing more to do, so you can enjoy your newborn and change some diapers!

Gender selection is legal. In Ukraine, it is perfectly legal to select the gender of your child. So, if you are looking to balance your family or just wishing for a boy or girl, this service is available to you.

Amazing medical facilities: All facilities we use, from labs to maternity hospitals, all are state of the art and welcoming. All are staffed with experienced doctors and the most up to date equipment.

Ukrainian surrogacy is not new. Over 2000 children have been born through Surrogacy in the past 10 years. Our medical facilities had over 400 international surrogate families in 2016. Ukraine has a well-tested, legislated and safe model, for intended parents and surrogates.
Ukraine welcomes all married, heterosexual couples who are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy.

Genetic testing is available. Preimplantation genetic testing is available to all. Our doctors will advise you on the health of your embryos.

Your child is yours from conception. You make the decisions for care and treatment.

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