Understanding Gestational Surrogacy As A Way To Grow Your Family

Gestational surrogacy is the only type legal in Ukraine, so everything mentioned here refers to this type of surrogacy.

With surrogacy:

- Your child will be genetically related to both you and your spouse or one of you if you use either a sperm or egg donor. Ukrainian law requires that at least one parent be genetically related.

- You can choose a donor with your same characteristics; so the child may resemble you, or other characteristics that are important to you.

- It is legal for you to choose the gender of your child.

- Your child will be with you from birth.

- Your names will be on the birth certificate as parents with no mention of a surrogate or donor.

- Your child will be a US citizen with no adoption or other processes necessary after arriving home. This differs by country.

- You can get started right away.

- Success rates are high.

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