How to Finance the Cost of Ukrainian Surrogacy?

One of the important factors which motivate couples to explore Ukrainian surrogacy is that surrogacy in Ukraine costs so much less than in the US with even more favorable legal protections for intended parents. The cost of gestational surrogacy in Ukraine can be as little as 25% of the cost of surrogacy in the US.

There are guaranteed surrogacy programs in Ukraine that guarantee a live birth. For couples who have experience great loses and struggles to have a child, these are attractive and reassuring.

This article will present ideas for financing the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine.

Still, surrogacy is not a small financial step. The cost of a surrogacy program is a significate expense.

There are many options for financing Ukrainian surrogacy. The first call should always be to an accountant and/or financial advisor for their professional advice and recommendations.

Options for Surrogacy Financing

Friends and Family

Often couple’s parents might be wishing for a grandchild as much as their children would like a son or daughter! This may be the most generous source of financial support. Parents, relatives and close friend understand like no one else what a couple have struggled through to try to have a child.

Pros: They know and love intended parents.

Cons: A couple may want to keep their surrogacy journey private. They may be too emotionally involved.

Pace the Payments and Cash Flow

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency’s team do all they can to make surrogacy experience for each couple as stress free as possible. That includes the financial aspects. Since payments for all Ukrainian surrogacy programs even guaranteed live birth surrogacy programs are spaced over the entire surrogacy journey, there are times when intended parents can pause for as long as they need to be able to control their cash flow.

Some examples are if intended parents are shipping sperm or embryos. A couple can ship them and then pause before either the IVF cycle or embryo transfer. Egg donors can be reserved for donations months from when intended parents choose them, providing a waiting period to gather funds together. After doing IVF it is possible to pause before a couple choose a surrogate and start her stimulation for embryo transfer. These “breaks” make it possible to slow down the surrogacy process to help ensure intended parents are financially ready for the next step and the next payments.

After starting stimulation of a surrogate for embryo transfer there is no stopping or slowing down!

Pros: No additional cost. Spaces out payment.

Cons: Will increase the length of the surrogacy process. Does not provide additional funding.

0% Credit Cards

In the US, especially in the last few years, there have been a number of banks offering 0% credit cards. Some have no interest for up to 18 months. Although credit card interest is steep, this might be an ideal way of managing cash flow by providing intended parents the flexibility of making surrogacy payments that will be due over the course of the pregnancy while saving the money to pay off the credit card.

Pros: Helps manage cash flow.

Cons: If the balance is not paid off on time the interest is very high. Mostly available in the US. Availability and credit offered depends on credit history.

Local Bank Loans

We recommend avoiding the huge banks. If there is a neighborhood bank or credit union this should be the very first stop for a loan. The interest is most often far below anything a credit card would demand.

Pros: Lower rates. Confidentiality.

Cons: Interest will vary depending on intended parents’ location, bank and credit history.

Refinancing a Home

This is a big step and should only be done with the advice of financial professionals. Depending upon the equity in the home, refinancing the mortgage could be a viable option.

Pros: Relatively easy. Low mortgages rates currently

Cons: This can be financially risky.

Financial Partner

Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency works with a financial partner to offer loans up to $35,000. The amount of the loan and the interest rate depend on a credit score and credit history.

Pros: Independent and confidential.

Cons: High interest rates. Only available to US citizens. Amount of the loan and interest rates vary with a credit history.

Sources to Pay the Cost of Surrogacy With No Reimbursement

Crowd Funding

There are a number of popular crowd funding sites. Most cater to a particular audience. Kickstarter for example, is a platform that attracts investors to start-up companies. GoFundMe is probably the most diverse and well known. If intended parents invest the necessary energy and time it can be a good source of funds that have no interest attached and don’t need to be repaid. To be successful it takes time and commitment to truly make intended parents’ cause resonate with potential donors.

Pros: Donations are interest free and do not need to be reimbursed.

Cons: These sites are very public. For couples that value privacy and confidentiality this is not a good option.


Sadly, there are not many grants for IVF and surrogacy available. Still, it pays to do a thorough internet search. From time to time there are some available.

Pros: Grants are basically free money that does not have to be paid back

Cons: Requires work to find and apply for and lots of competition to get.

With all these options, surrogacy can be affordable to many.

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