Daily dispatches from the front lines of surrogacy in Ukraine 2 March 2022

We can confirm that all biological material is safe in Lviv with unlimited time capacity. No shortage of anything. They have links over several borders to provide additional materials if necessary.

With all surrogates we are coordinating with the doctors at IVMed and Parens. We have 24/7 access to doctors at the clinic in Lviv and at the maternity hospital.

The maternity hospital in Lviv is technically public, (Lviv does not have private hospitals) but we are using private doctors and nurses, etc. and paying them additionally directly to oversee all treatment. This way you can be very sure you have the best medical treatment.

Answers to some questions:

There are cities close to borders but not Poland. They are closer to Slovakia or Romania. There are hospitals there we would use for childbirth if necessary.

If a child were born in the Czech republic, we would do new documentation saying this is an altruistic surrogacy. This is the only type allowed by law. The intended father would be on the birth certificate, but not the intended mother. The surrogate is considered the mother. You would have to do an adoption in your home country. The Czech authorities are aware that not all surrogacies are really altruistic and we have lawyers there that would advise you on the procedures and what to do when you were interviewed.

Yes, there are surrogates stuck in Kyiv. In Kyiv it is very difficult and dangerous to move about. Many agencies are working to together to help reunite surrogates and IP that have been separated. In the last 2 days, Yana has reunited 5 families. This is a small victory.

Another thing we are celebrating is that the Canadian government came out with clear and relatively easy guidelines for exit procedures that cut right through the all the Canadian official regulations. We sent them a love letter.

Here is another trusted charity you can share on social media. It is in the US doing smaller steps that make a big difference. https://m.facebook.com/groups/3186323421583358?group_view_referrer=search

Please write questions to questions@delivering-dreams.com and we will answer the next day!

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