Information Session and Q&A: Details on Relaunching Surrogacy Programs

Delivering Dreams has restarted new surrogacy programs a couple weeks ago. Our goal with this session is to explain what we offer and answer as many common questions as possible.

Hosted by Susan Kersch-Kibler founder of Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy, Head Customer Service Manager Oksana in Lviv and Customer Service Manager Kate in Krakow, Poland.

Friday, April 29 11:00 AM US EST (New York)/ 8:00 AM PST (California)/ 4:00 PM (UK)

Delivering Dreams is extremely proud of the service we provided during the most intense period of the war and continues to provide. We have made sure our surrogates and the children they are carrying are safe and continue to get the very best medical care.

We have options for programs and locations to offer security and success to all couples despite the constantly changing situation and security concerns in Ukraine.

Ideal for couples:
- Considering starting their international surrogacy
- Worried about how the ongoing war with Russia may affect their surrogacy journey
- Questioning how and where different surrogacy steps will occur
- Concerned about surrogate safety
- Unclear about legal options
- Wishing to understand the steps and options available

Topics to be discussed:
- Why we have the confidence to restart our programs
- Surrogacy steps and options for each step to maximize safety and success
- Programs offered
- Locations available for programs and why
- How we minimize risk
- Medical care for each stage

If you would like to submit a question, please write to Please register to get a zoom link for the information session.

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